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Anna in the Tropics

by Nilo Cruz
directed by Laura Alcalá Baker
Remy Bumppo

Laura Alcalá Baker (she/her)- Director
Monet Felton (they/them)- Assistant Director
Melody Contreras (she/her)- Dramaturg
Jean Compton (she/her)- Stage Manager
Micah Figueroa (he/him)- Violence and Intimacy Designer
J. Sebastian Fabál (he/him)- Music Director
Rigo Saura (he/him)- Movement Designer
Lauren Nichols (she/her)- Scenic Designer
Gregory Graham (he/him)- Costume Designer
Aija Moreno (she/her)- Asst. Costume Designer
Claire Sangster (she/her)- Lighting Design
Peter Clare (they/them)- Sound Design
Ariel A. Castañeda (he/him)- Asst. Sound Designer
Rowan Doe (they/he)- Props Designer
Addoris Davis (they/she)- Production Manager
Lucy Whipp (she/her)- Asst. Production Manager
Harrison Ornelas (he/him)- Technical Director
Emily Altman (she/her)- Scenic Charge Artist

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